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Come Out To Play

No matter which way you play it, curling is just plain fun for people of any age and fitness level, from young children to seniors. Families can come out to enjoy a day of curling, and friends get together for a curl and a beer. Curling is a true Canadian pastime!


Be Active

Curling is a great way to stay active while having fun spending time with friends. Curling has about the same physical benefits as walking briskly or playing table tennis. It provides a light, very low impact physical activity and can be played at any level!


Be Social

Curling is a people person's sport. Our centre attracts many newcomers to Yellowknife who are looking for a place to play and meet other people. Lots of laughs are shared over post-game beers in our social area. Volunteering is another way to get involved in the Yellowknife curling community and make great friends with similar interests.

Interested in getting active in a fun, non-competitive environment?

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